"I’ve done similar programming many times and I think I’ve subconsciously gotten skilled at disrupting my personal bias. But parts of this session totally punched me in the face with my bias. I still have so much work to do. I also really appreciated the conversations around the cycles of hate and acceptance."
Open Session Participant
Denver Public Schools
"I pledge to check my own personal biases and learn more about the "Tribes" I'm working with. I will not step away from tough issues and will practice a response to racial statements."
Kristen Klaassen
"I pledge to spark the conversation with friends asking if they are having anti-racist conversations with their racist family members and if not why?"
Open Session Participant
Denver High School Student - 17 yrs old
"It is my pledge to engage in conversation when I encounter conscious/unconscious bias, white privilege, and/or racism. I will find ways to do this from a place of love and care."
Libby Neid
Community Member
"I liked the moments when we got to hear about personal experiences and opinions that people had about race. It was also eye-opening when we shared our first experiences with racism and whenever somebody spoke from their heart."
Open Session Participant
Freshman College Student